Classroom Education Programs

Let us bring Mitchell Lake to you.

For those unable to leave the classroom and visit us, we can visit you. Our offsite Classroom Education Programs offer a unique and interactive way for your students to engage with an Audubon educator in a variety of subjects.

Wetland Ecology

In this program, we bring Mitchell Lake Wetlands to your classroom! The importance of wetlands, their distinguishing features, myths, and common creatures found in wetlands will all be covered. As a bonus, students will be able to discover macroinvertebrate indicator species in pond water straight from our natural-fed Bird Pond. Program can be expanded to include abiotic water testing for older students.

Physics of Flight

Discover the physics of flight hands on in this fun-filled program! We will break down the four forces of flight separately, while providing real life examples of Bernoulli’s Principle and modern flight. Then, we look at the connection to birds and their flight adaptation.

Sink to Sea

Water is what keeps the planet alive, and Sink to Sea will liven up your classroom! Take the same journey as the water in your sink by traveling through watersheds, wetlands, rivers, and finally into the gulf and ocean. Discussing water conservation is the key to activating your students to take action at home.

Why Can't Humans Fly?

Take a deep dive into the amazing avian adaptions for flight. We will answer the question of “why can’t humans fly?” while exploring bird identification, flying styles, additional adaptions of birds, and basic flight physics.

Extreme Animal Adaptions

In this gameshow-style program, experience how extreme nature can be! Covered concepts include metamorphosis, the senses, food chains, the kingdoms, and more. It’s all the most interesting parts of nature, complete with video, sound, Q&A, and physical activity.

Decomp Romp

Open the eyes of your students to the generally unnoticed world of the decomposer. Food chains, composting, recycling, and the stages of decomposition will foster a new appreciation for the unsung hero. The anatomy of a worm is included as our featured decomposer.

Customize Your Program

All programs can be customized to align with students’ learning goals and grade level, from Pre-K to 12th grade! 

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