Nature of Learning Field Trips

Our award winning academic program.

Our award-winning Nature of Learning program consists of hands-on activities relating to ecology, scientific observation, resource management, and citizenship. Students learn about the importance of soil and wetlands for people and wildlife; sample insects from the ponds to determine the health of each water body; use various scientific methods to determine how different types of pollution affect river systems, ponds, lakes, and bays; and learn about the animals and plants living at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center.


$6.50 per student

Program Options 

Wet & Wild: Wetland Researchers

Wetlands are very important for south Texas plants and animals, as well as humans. Using the scientific method students help Audubon Educators check the health of local wetlands by investigating its inhabitants and water quality.

Earth & Sky: Eco-Investigators

Students explore how the weather and climate are affected by the rotation of the earth and the planet’s revolution around the sun. In turn, this creates and changes south Texas rocks, soils and habitats.

Amazing Avian Adaptations: Bird Friends Forever

Be a bird’s best friend by learning about their amazing adaptations, surveying birds and learning about their various habitats, and discuss their conservation in your community.

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All programs can be customized to align with students’ learning goals and grade level, from Pre-K to 12th grade!

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Accessibility Statement: Mitchell Lake Audubon Center welcomes everyone, no matter their physical or mental abilities. If you have a special needs person in your group, please let us know of any accomodations needed no less than one (1) week prior to your scheduled program.

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