On-site Research Projects

We host research projects for several partners as well as our own.

Texas A&M Graywater Irrigation Project

In Texas, graywater is defined as untreated, non-toilet, household water including water from bathroom sinks, showers and baths...and washing machines!

In a partnership with Texas A&M's TX Center for Applied Technology, Texas Water Resources Institute, Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, and the Water Conservation & Technology Center, the Leeper House has been set up as a test site for the project. The visitor center now has a washer & dryer for staff and volunteers and all of the excess water after the wash-cycle is irrigating a test plant bed with the goal of providing 12-months of native plant color. 

An important aspect of the project is educating the public on the use of graywater, especially on ways to retrofit personal homes and properties to utilize their graywater, to save money, and conserve water.

Checkout the PDFs below to learn more about graywater systems. 

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