Trail Rules

Nature trails at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center

Trail Rules

The following is prohibited at the center and surrounding grounds:

  • Domestic animals (including dogs, but check our Events page for Doggy Days).  On-duty service animals are welcome.
  • Bicycles
  • Smoking or campfires
  • Overnight camping
  • Hunting or Fishing
  • Alcohol and other intoxicants
  • Fireworks, firearms, or any other weapons
  • Specimen collecting of any kind is NOT allowed without permit and permission

Other Guidelines

  • There are venomous snakes on the premises. They are protected by state law; please leave them alone.
  • Be aware of poison ivy and stay on the trail.
  • Do not eat any plants, animals, or insects from the property without written permission.
  • Do not attempt to touch, befriend, feed, or help any wild animal you encounter while on the trails; notify staff immediately if you see an animal in distress.
  • Picnics are permitted in designated picnic areas only.
  • Leave No Trace: Do not litter. Please take your trash and recycling with you, or dispose in appropriate receptacles.

Download our Trail Map below.

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