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Bird conservation is at the core of what we do.

Water is a major influence in the diversity and abundance of plant and animal life at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center. The grounds are home to three distinct bodies of water: polders and basins, storm water ponds and drainages and a lake. All are eutrophic to varying degrees, meaning that they generally have a high surface-to-depth ratio. Eutrophic water bodies also have an abundance of nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus that readily stimulate a heavy growth of algae and other aquatic plants.

Over 300 bird species have been documented at the center, of which more than 30 are on Audubon's WatchList for Bexar County. Audubon's WatchList is designed specifically to highlight those bird species that have the greatest conservation needs. Shorebirds utilize muddy shores or mudflats to gather important food resources. Mitchell Lake is the only site in the San Antonio area that has mud flat habitat vital to shorebirds, making the habitat here critical for migrants. Additionally, it is a major wintering site for migratory waterfowl.

Mitchell Lake also has a diverse assemblage of reptiles, amphibians, insects, and mammals and over 120 plant species. 

In an effort to continue the wonderful work at the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, please stop by the Visitor Center before you leave and post your bird and other wildlife sightings. Happy birding!



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