Inland Shorebirds of Texas

World Travelers, Inland Wanderers

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
6:00pm - 8:00pm Central Texas Online Event

Inland Shorebirds of Texas

August 11, 2020, TX

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What IS a Shorebird and why are we studying them in Central Texas, which isn't all that close to the shoreline of the coast? Well, not every bird found at the coast is a shorebird; and not every shorebird is found at the coast. In other words, The Coast is NOT the same as the Shore. Rivers, lakes, ponds, and other wetlands have shores, even if these habitats are not at the coast.

Shorebirds provide many amazing examples of long-distance migration, some crossing several continents. Many shorebirds take an inland route through Texas and continue through the Central Flyway to their breeding grounds in the Arctic; this makes them accessible to birders who live inland. This workshop will focus on 14 species that often use inland wetlands, like those at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, as stopover points to feed and rest, all within binocular or scope view. Fall migration is happening now; prepare to meet the Inland Wanderers.

About the speaker:

Patsy Inglet is a native Texan originally from the Houston area, although she lived and worked 25 years overseas as a teacher with her engineer husband, Tom. They “retired” to the San Antonio area in 1999 and started their new career as “professional volunteers.”

Birds started as a volunteer interest, but they have now become a passion and a focus of Patsy's educational and conservation efforts and recreational activities and travels. She has traveled to every continent to see as many birds as possible, banded birds in the field, monitored birds in the nest, and taught many children and adults the basics of birding.

As current President of Bexar Audubon Society, Patsy supports National Audubon Society initiatives within our community to ensure that the birds we enjoy today in San Antonio will be there forever. Connecting people of all ages with nature, via birds, and helping to conserve our natural legacy have become top priorities in Patsy's life.

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